Welcome to the Aggiss, Cowie, Divas Research Archive.


This archive includes a catalogue of all past work, both live, commissioned and screen based.

Select whichever piece you are researching. Each work is followed by references: books, newspaper, journals, essays and articles to support a more detailed personal research. Most University libraries hold back-issues for these purposes. Alternatively, for the smaller or independent newpapers and journals, contact The British Library.

Some references also include film extracts in Quick time. Photographs are also included.

The critical responses we have received over the years are often polarised: from positive and excellent, to the frankly inflammatory. All references have been included in order for you to get a grip on the work, make your own mind up and build a comprehensive overview.

Aggiss/Cowie/Divas Archive

Live Performances
The Wild Wigglers
Grotesque Dancer
Torei en Veran Veta Arnold!
Dva Sa Momimomuvali
Eleven Executions
Stations of the Angry
Dorothy and Klaus
Die Orchidee im Plastik Karton
La Petite Soupe
Drool and Drivel They Care!
French Songs
Vier Tanze
El Punal entra en el Corazon
Cafeteria for a Sit-Down Meal
Falling Apart at the Seams
No Man’s Land
Hi Jinx
The Fetching Bride

Dead Steps
Banda Banda
La Soupe
The 38 steps
The Surgeon’s Waltz
Rice Rain

Screen Dance
Beethoven in Love
Motion Control
Anarchic Variations

Screen and Performance Installation
Scripted to within an Inch of Her Life
Men in the Wall


Anarchic Dance edited by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie with Ian Bramley (Routledge 2006)

Additionally you can access a list of interviews and profiles about Aggiss, Cowie and Divas, and articles written by Liz Aggiss.

The PhD Thesis by Dr Carol Brown ‘Inscribing the Body; feminist choreographic practice’ is held at the University of Surrey within which she discusses aspects of Aggiss/Cowie's work.

The archive also includes FAQs (frequently asked questions) and responses by Aggiss and Cowie to support your research.